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Unlock any Blackberry 9530 phone using the form below:

Unlock any Blackberry 9530 phone from any network worldwide. All you need to do is fill out the form details below with your phone information. We will then process your order and send you back your Blackberry 9530 unlock code along with unique step by step instructions. Once done, your Blackberry 9530 will be permanently unlocked for any GSM service provider worldwide. Our Blackberry unlocking service is easy, fast, and risk free. We provide the only legal and secure way to unlock your Blackberry 9530 phone without voiding its warranty.

Your 15 digits IMEI number can be found by dialing *#06# on your Blackberry's keypad, or by going to Menu - Options - About.
Select the current network your phone is locked to.

Example: If your Blackberry only accepts a T-Mobile sim card, select T-Mobile as your network. 
Here is how to retrieve your IMEI number:

  1. Go to: Menu - Options - Status

  2. Go to: Menu - Settings - Options - Status

  3. Dial *#06# on keypad

  4. Look at the white sticker at the back of your phone (when taking the battery out)
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