iOS apps demoed by BlackBerry PlayBook

The BlackBerry PlayBook failed to attract the consumers in the market. The iPad introduced by Apple continues to dominate the tablet market and even the Android tablets have been able to attract consumers and also have been sold better then the forlorn tablet Playbook manufactured by Research In Motion (RIM). However, PlayBook still has a few users in the market. In a video posted by a BlackBerry user showed that the device is running on iOS applications. Further research it was found that this achievement of programming prowess appears to be real.

The PlayBook has the capacity of operating Android apps in emulation, but getting an application from Apple’s locked-down ecosystem to work is another matter completely. The apps are running on an iOS player of sorts, but everything seems to work as expected. The unknown developer demonstrated this creation by walking Small Tower, Tremendous Monkey Ball, Tom Tom, and more. There is also a Windows iOS app player on display.

The users of other forum were rightly cynical, so the CrackBerry staff reached out for confirmation. The developer was asked to load and show some applications. The dev delivered, and the videos have been believed to be actual. This probably took lots of work, and the person behind these videos has kept most of the details secret to himself.

What they do know is that the developer had to make effort around some of Apple’s API calls, which don’t exist on the BlackBerry PlayBook. The Open APIs for the things like graphics will run at ease. The application binary is recorded in to the memory and run as is feasible because the PlayBook is still an ARM tool like the iPhone. The Windows player does require to emulate the ARM CPU.

However, this is not yet completely ready for a wider use. The system works better with older APIs and any app calling for UIWebView and CoreData tends to crash. However, games in to the device are amazingly solid. If running iOS games is really possible, then BlackBerry 10 might have a little more impact than it was expected to.

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