BlackBerry 10 Operating System

Just after the announcement of BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0, Research In Motion (RIM) has come up with another innovative technology by introducing its BlackBerry 10 OS for the range of BlackBerry mobile phones as well as tablets. This is fundamentally the mobile and elite system invented by the seller that comes with some developments and enhancements in the field of functions and user interface.

Different from the Google’s Android operating system, BlackBerry 10 OS is certainly a closed-source operating process. Accordingly, anybody can’t participate in developing this OS thinking about that the company has evolved this operating-system for the touch-screen or touch and type handset. Necessarily, the earlier BlackBerry devices with BlackBerry OS 7 for example Torch 9810, Torch 9860 or possibly BlackBerry Porsche supports for this process.

Concerned of the software policy, BlackBerry 10 OS comes with the BBX-OS and it also has the support for programs that are coded in C/C and HTML- based applications as well. For that reason, this platform includes a lot of applications which were produced by using the BlackBerry WebWorks and HTML5 as well for BlackBerry OS. Moreover, the number of applications that have been crafted with the Native SDK for BB PlayBook OS will be attuned with this current OS from the company.

It is also seen that the graphical user interface of BlackBerry 10 OS has been modified as this is quite similar to the operating system of BlackBerry Playbook but in a smaller version. The very first look of the home screen of this OS will make you discover the similarity with Windows Phone’s live tiles and also the overall look of iOS platform. You will also discover that a few widgets as well as the message list to look similar to the Android doodads. You will also find that the impressive caller screen is featured with an incredible visual style as well.

In the BlackBerry 10 OS, you will also see the refinement for the icon tray that has been regarded as it will provide the better icon functionalists. You will perhaps find out the folder icon which can exhibit the icons of applications inside along with the pictures icon that will show the images from the album gallery. Another valuable thing is that the clock icon will likely be ideal for presenting the time of your next set alarm. Besides, this platform is enlarged for the video-calling need since it supplies the icon for video conference. As a result, whenever the tool is all set with its secondary camera for video calls, basically go for this icon effortlessly.

Usually, the BlackBerry 10 OS can be a tough contender for the OS launched earlier in the marketplace, for example Android OS, Windows Phone OS and even iOS from Apple Inc. But regrettably, this BlackBerry platform appears to be the follower of those popular systems in relation to graphic interface along with the widgets or icons appearance. On top of that, only the most current BlackBerry smartphone that may likely facilitate for this platform thinking about that it has in reality been improved for the touch-screen and also touch and type BlackBerry handsets.

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