Blackberry Pearl 3G 9100: Sports Rich Features Within A Compact Design

The smartphone manufacturer Blackberry has introduced a wide range of technically sound devices which have given a new horizon to the field communication. The BlackBerry handsets are best known for their business features which help the professionals to improve their business and they can also stay connected to their work even while on the go. The BlackBerry 9100 Pearl 3G released in the year 2010, has garnered immense popularity due to the impressive array of features embellished within it by the brand.

Lets take a in depth look at the design and the sophisticated features of the phone to get a better understanding of it. With a dimension measuring 108 x 50 x 13.3mm and weighing just 93 grams, the 9100 Pearl 3G is successfully a miniature version of the extremely popular Bold 9700. The manufacturer has laden a very high quality LCD display screen of 2.6 inches into the handset. This display sports a very impressive resolution of 360 x 400 pixels, noticeably more than what is found on most of the larger screened smartphones currently available in the market.

Definitely not small enough to compete with the range of mini handsets currently available, the 9100 Pearl 3G is however a great deal smaller than the iPhone for example and offers a pleasant alternative for someone looking for a functional and classy handset as well. In order to reduce the size from other models in the Blackberry range, the maker has missed the full Qwerty keypad on this model, but neither is it the traditional numeric style. Just as the size strikes a happy medium, Blackberry have pitched the keypad somewhere in the middle to with letters apportioned to each key but still laid out in the Qwerty style.

The keypad of the handset has a very useful feature- the combination of predictive text coupled with a system that learns the words you use most often. This means that you’ll be composing messages in seconds in no time at all.

The Blackberry 9100 Pearl 3G has been embedded with a long list of multimedia features which are sure to keep the users happy. The 3.15 MP camera fitted on the handset provides the users to capture pictures within a resolution of 2048×1536 pixels. The addition of a flash facility in the camera makes taking pictures in lower lighting conditions a breeze. This feature enables users to take quality pictures evening the low light conditions. Blackberry has also put a shortcut key on the side of the handset with which you will be able to directly access the camera. This key also works in two parts to take the photos, a half press cleverly allows you to activate the autofocus without physically taking the photo.

The music player preinstalled in to the phone has a dedicated access key on the top of the handset. You will also get an internal memory space of 256 MB along with an included 2GB memory card. The handset is also fitted with a micro SD card slot with which users can upgraded their memory space up to 16GB which is enough of space for storing all of your music files.

The Blackberry 9100 Pearl 3G is a striking handset. With great connectivity options and an attractive compact design, the handset is perfect for people looking to change or those who want a powered-packed handset that is of smaller size.

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