Blackberry Curve Vs Blackberry Bold: Two Smart Options To Experience

Before deciding upon a handset to purchase, it is important to realize that the market is full of different models of BlackBerry handsets. It is also very important to learn the difference among the various models. Knowledge regarding the different models will help you to make a wise choice while picking up a BlackBerry handset. Till date, the mobile maker has introduced various lines of mobile phones. Among the various series, Bold and Curve series offer one of the most successful handsets. BlackBerry Bold supports both 3G and 3G network technologies and this the best when it comes to internet connectivity. This Bold handset from BlackBerry has a built-in 3.15 megapixel camera enhanced with features like LED flash and autofocus. The device also include other important features which are sure to meet most of the consumers’ needs.

The BlackBerry Curve is a 2G phone that offers first-rate quality services. This phone has been equipped with a 2 megapixel camera. The designs and weight of the Blackberry models tend to differ from each other. The Bold model of the company weighs 122 grams with body dimensions of 109x60x14mm. The front of the handset is designed with a TFT screen that supports 65k colors. It comes with a QWERTY keyboard that helps in typing emails and text messages and thus save our time. The Curve model weighs 106 grams and has dimensions of109x60x14 mm. It also comes with a QWERTY keyboard along with a TFT display screen. This model can also be custom-made with touch sensitive pads.

Different Blackberry models are available in the market including the BlackBerry Bold and Curve. Both these handsets are available through various attractive mobile phone deals. These deals are offered by all the major mobile phone network operators present in the market. The different deals available over these handsets are contract, pay as you go and SIM free deals and we can opt for any of these deals. These economical offers have led to the popularity of the handsets allowing users to pick one at an affordable price. Most of the mobile users wish to purchase the model with the best features. Taking a look at the various features will help in deciding which phone to go for.

There are various advantages that you can expect to enjoy when using a Blackberry phone, such as Blackberry Messenger (BBM). With this phone, you won’t need to carry a camera. This is because Blackberry cell phones have a high resolution camera that has the capacity of taking different images. You can expect that the quality of pictures taken will be high. It is also important to know that these handsets have an internal memory capacity that lets users to store all their important files and data. Furthermore, the handsets are also equipped with microSD card slot that helps the memory capacity to be extended further.

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