Learn How To Unlock Blackberry Bold 9700

If a particular mobile phone is unlocked then we can use it with any SIM card issued by any local mobile network operator. However, the lock in a handset is generally a software setting that keeps the handset restricted to one service carrier.

The Blackberry Bold 9700 is a smartphone produced by Research in Motion under the smartphone line Bold. The Bold series started in 2008 with the release of first Bold smartphone- the 9000. Other handsets under the series include 9900 and 9930. The Bold is known for its superb QWERTY keypad, stout hardware, and efficiency, making it one of the most highly praised of Blackberry units. The Blackberry Bold 9700 is normally incorporated in to data and voice designs offered by numerous network carriers to make mobile experience more efficient. In case you intend to switch carriers, it would take additional step to fulfill that task and that is to unlock the phone.

Obtaining the unlock code for the device to be unlocked

Before beginning with the unlock method, it is important to get the unlock code. Do not use the code from a friend or a family member since each mobile handset has a unique code. Providing a unique code to each handset is also an identification that isolates you as a unique customer by the carrier. Getting the unlock code can be a tiresome method. You need to contact your network carrier in order to get the unlock code. The method can take you lots of hours to several days. You have to have patience while availing the code and be ready to face delays. Again, there are some mobile phones which cannot be unlocked for special reasons. These units might be on the not-to-be-sold list or the IMEI number is not on the RIM database. You might also be one of these early consumers who got the pre-release model.

Remember, in case you try to unlock Blackberry 9700, be sure to do it with accuracy. If you make mistake in putting in the unlock code for five times, then the phone will get permanently locked to your original carrier. This is a risk that you must take but if you are successful then you can enjoy wonderful benefits like getting a better carrier for your needs or using the phone with any local SIM card while traveling in foreign countries.

To unlock the Blackberry Bold 9700, you need to go to the settings menu. Find the Options icon and then move to advanced options and then search SIM Card. Keep in mind to insert a SIM card in to your device while doing the process of unlocking your phone. The SIM card can either be inactive or active. On the screen of your phone type MEPD. You will notice that there is nothing being encoded. This is because it is a command or function. Again, go to your keypad and type in MEP ALT+2. However, this won’t appear in to the screen of your phone. In case you are successful along with your typing, it is possible for you to get the prompt to enter your MEP code. This is where you put the unlock code. After typing it down, confirm and afterwards, your phone would be unlocked and prepared for your new SIM card.

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