Blackberry Bold 9900: One of the best mobile handset under the bold series

The BlackBerry Bold 9900 is, certainly, the best mobile phone that Research In Motion has yet released in to the market. With its high-end know-how and brand-new operating process it has explicit recompense than the Bold 9780 but still it needs various changes to make it a valuable upgrade.

In terms of size, the BlackBerry Bold 9900 carries supremacy over the recent-gen flagship of RIM. Of course with 10.5mm thick, it is the first thinnest BlackBerry smartphone till date, while we already get 4mm skinner than its earlier Bold sibling. This graceful form-factor is crafted with a more comfortable casing, designed in brushed stainless steel frame and high-gloss glass-weave back-plate. The RIM BlackBerry Bold 9900 is supported by 1.2GHz processor speed. This handset’s processor speed is double than the Bold 9780’s 628MHz, generating it best suited to manage multitasking jobs and you can enjoy while watching high-quality videos.

The handset has been fitted with a 2.8 inches TFT capacitive touchscreen that supports 640 x 480 pixels resolution. It is a responsive touchscreen that gives quick response whether you are busy on single or multitasking.

The BlackBerry Bold 9900 is the first handset of RIM’s Bold series to run on the new BlackBerry operating system 7. Along with innovative and superb support to all touch screen, the improve OS delivers a renovated interface, an enhanced HTML5 support in BlackBerry browser, voice activated search and apps control – which individual works and private content. It also fully support to the NFC expertise- that helps you to pay your mobile bill through the handset itself.

In both Bold 9900 and Bold 9780, users will find lots of hardware and program similarity which are easily noticeable. Both the smartphones have been integrated with smart and cool 5-megapixel cameras, but yet the RIM BlackBerry Bold Android phone support rapid 720p HD video. Although it dose not have full HD 1080p normal that some upcoming new advanced android mobile handsets have, but it is a brilliant development on its sibling aging. Bold 9900 offers its users with 256MB memory to store all their pictures, videos and other music files.

Thus, it is clear that BlackBerry Bold 9900 has been improvised with various updates and developments. The developments include RMA, Processor, storage capacity, high screen resolutions, form factor, NFC, camera and latest BlackBerry 7 OS. The touchscreen imbibed in to the handset offers a very good experience since even the new Android users will find it very easy to navigate through it. This BlackBerry handset offers easy use features and smart and stunning design of the mobile phone make user to feel more relaxed.

BlackBerry Bold 9900 offer lots of indispensable applications that help users to handle their business easily. The important applications include electronic mail, calendar and contacts. In-built Google Maps let you know your directions in any condition. With this feature, you can easily locate your destination in a foreign country. The social feeds like IM counts, podcasts, RSS and other social networking button sets in place while Facebook and twitter button placed in under the touchscreen. Also you will get Google talk, Yahoo! Messenger and Windows Live Messenger but no Skype option.

With all these incredible features and applications, the BlackBerry Bold 9900 is one of the best phones under the series of RIM Bold. However, the most significant feature of Bold 9900 is its solid QWERTY keyboard and well focused email feature.

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