Blackberry Bold 9900 Vs Nokia E6: Enjoy The Best

Blackberry and Nokia are two major mobile companies in the world mobile industry. Both the companies have manufactured various advanced and sophisticated handsets and also have huge fan followers in the market. The Blackberry Bold 9900 and Nokia E6 launched by the companies recently look quite similar to each other. Both the smartphones that have a lot of things in common but at the same time, they have a lot of different features which make them unique in their own style.

Blackberry and Nokia are the names in the mobile phone market which do not require any introduction. Both are famed brands across the globe. The mobile manufacturer Blackberry that belongs to RIM, a Canadian mobile manufacturing company, is a well-liked brand among the corporate circles. Nokia on the other hand, is known for making available a variety of mobile devices to its users. Nokia handsets are best known for their user-friendly features and durability. Both these companies have recently come out with new handsets that have lots of things in common. These devices are Blackberry Bold 9900 and Nokia E6.

It said that BlackBerry Bold 9900 is one of the best mobile handsets that Research In Motion (RIM) has ever manufactured till present. Similarly, Nokia E6 is also a remarkable device that has attracted a large chunk of consumers in the market. A comparative study between the two will make it easy for the consumers to understand the similarities and differences of features and application imbibed in both the handsets.

If we talk about the dimensions, both the devices are quite similar. However, both the devices feature minor differences such as Blackberry weighing 130g is a bit thinner than Nokia that weighs 133g. Consumers will notice that the thickness level of both the phones is same.

In terms of designing, both the handsets can be said to resemble each other. The duo looks similar from a distance since they both are laden with a QWERTY keyboard under the screen. The only difference that you will notice is that BlackBerry Bold 9900 is more curvier in its looks while the Nokia E6 has been designed with more stunning and slender look.

As far as the front of both the devices is concerned, it is adorned with TFT capacitive touchscreens and also offers the same pixel resolution. However, both the handset differs in their screen size. While Nokia has 2.46 inch screen, BlackBerry is fitted with a slightly bigger 2.8 inch screen.

The operating system of both the handsets differs from each other. Nokia E6 runs on its Symbian operating system, whereas BlackBerry Bold 9900 operates on the operating system of Blackberry 7. Bold 9900 is the first BlackBerry handset to come with the impressive Blackberry 7 OS.

Consumers will also be offered with impressive amount of internal memory space by both the handsets. Both the mobile phones have been equipped with an 8GB of storage space with an option to expand it up to 32 GB through the memory card slot. However, Nokia lacks behind when it comes to RAM with BlackBerry carrying 768MB RAM that is significantly better than 256MB RAM of Nokia.

Both BlackBerry Bold 9900 and Nokia E6 are powerful and richly featured handsets. It is the buyers who have to decide upon as to which one to pick.

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