Blackberry Vs iPhone: A Difficult Choice To Make

Two advanced and innovative smartphones; both have created a rage in the market and has garnered huge popularity with a vast bunch of loyal fans. This has made difficult for us to avoid the discussion on which is better? Here, we are speaking about the killer mobile phones, the RIM Blackberry and the Apple iPhone. All of us have our own preference of one over the other, but have they ever analysed which is better? Let us take a closer look at what each of them offers to find out the comparison between the both.

Have you ever tried to compare the RIM Blackberry and the iPhone by placing both the devices next to each other? Doing so, you will be able to see the similarity in the design of both the handsets. Most of the handsets from both the brands are designed in the same length with the Blackberry being a bit additional wide. The sleek black cases in which the gadgets come in are also similar providing a common look for both. The extend of battery life is also the same in both the mobile phone models. Both the mobile handsets provide a talk time of about 5 to 6 hours and a standby time of about 12 to 13 hours. These are some basic similarities that we can find in both the Blackberry and iPhone handsets.

The display unit of a device plays a major role in forming a part of look-and-feel though it also adds to the users’ comfort level in viewing the contents in the screen. The display screen of the BlackBerry is smaller in comparison to the iPhone and it is so because of the physical presence of a keyboard in Blackberry devices. The iPhone is thus more acceptable when we look at the display aspect as it provides a wider screen with better clarity. The touch-screen QWERTY keyboard in iPhone is equipped with more effective and fast controls as compared to the traditional QWERTY keyboard offered by Blackberry. The on-screen keyboard on the iPhone beats out the Blackberry hands down, because it allows for more screen display space.

The Internet connectivity, access to different social networking sites and email features are offered by both the handsets. The feature MobileMe embedded in to the iPhone offers connectivity with the PC, electronic mail, contacts, MS Exchange, Wi-Fi connections, etc. Here, again iPhone is in demand if we go for the connectivity options. The Blackberry on the other hand, offers Stereo Bluetooth Audio Streaming and Bluetooth Tethering which is not available in Apple’s iPhone. BlackBerry would have been the unquestionable king in the mobile market surpassing Apple iPhone, had not the feature MobileMe been imbibed by Apple in to its iPhone. However, iPhone’s MobileMe scores high for Apple here again.

Both the mobiles are designed with rich technology and sophisticated advancements. But simple features like Copy-Paste and Voice command missing in the iPhone make it look a petite weak than the BlackBerry handsets. Again, Apple’s iPhone does not even support MMS though it is said that the user can always use an email to send a picture. Taking in to consideration the immense cost of iPhone, it is expected that such basic and essential features should be incorporated in to the device for the consumer’s ease.

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