Blackberry Omnia M To Flaunt Windows OS 7.5 Mango

After the huge success received by the Galaxy Series running on Android operating system, Samsung has determined to launch its new handset Omnia M with Windows operating system  7.5 Mango.

It is a widely known fact that Samsung has built its place and gleam with Galaxy S series models like S II, S III and Note. These devices run on the latest Android operating system like Ice-cream Sandwich. Now, as there is a boom in to the  market about Windows mobile phones, so Samsung has decided to launch a handset running on the operating system 7.5 Mango of Windows.

The Omnia M has been laden with a 4 inch Superb AMOLED display screen and is supported with 1 GHz of processor. There are limitations of Windows Phone 7 and thus there are major shortcomings in this handset which makes it of archaic type. First is RAM, which is of only 384 MB and the second is the memory space, the total memory of Omnia M is only 4GB.It doesn’t even offer support for external SD card. Samsung Omnia M has a built-in camera of five mega pixel rear camera enriched with autofocus and flashes. The handset will also offer you with a front camera of VGA quality for making video calls. The phone has been equipped with Wi-Fi and HSDPA type of connectivity system.

The Omnia M is not at all a thick device with a thickness that is less than 10.5mm, which makes its design lustrous and slim, but if we consider the whole look of the body of the handset then nothing different comes out of it. The design looks ordinary and simple. By keeping the usual feature of multitasking in the mind, Samsung has integrated a quantity of interactive applications to this handset like the ChatON service. The latter makes this phone placed in the multitasking handset race. This application of ChatON permits Omnia M users to chat with any other user on any other platform like Windows, iOS, Android or Blackberry.

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